ex|tra1 W2S1 [ˈekstrə] adj
[Date: 1600-1700; Origin: Probably from extraordinary]
1.) [only before noun]
more of something, in addition to the usual or standard amount or number
Could you get an extra loaf of bread?
Allow extra time for your journey.
Drivers are advised to take extra care .
Residents can use the gym at no extra cost .
an extra ten minutes/three metres etc
I asked for an extra two weeks to finish the work.
2.) [not before noun]
if something is extra, it is not included in the price of something and you have to pay more for it
Dinner costs $15 but wine is extra.
extra 2
extra2 pron
an amount of something, especially money, in addition to the usual, basic, or necessary amount
= ↑more
pay/charge/cost etc extra
I earn extra for working on Sunday.
extra 3
extra3 adv
1.) in addition to the usual things or the usual amount
They need to offer something extra to attract customers.
one/a few etc extra
I got a few extra in case anyone else decides to come.
I'll be making $400 extra a month.
2.) [+ adjective/adverb]
used to emphasize an adjective or adverb
You're going to have to work extra hard to pass the exam.
an extra special effort
extra 4
extra4 n
1.) something which is added to a basic product or service that improves it and often costs more
Tinted windows and a sunroof are optional extras (=something that you can choose to have or not) .
Be careful, there may be hidden extras (=additional charges which you are not told about) .
It's got lots of useful little extras .
2.) an actor in a film who does not say anything but is part of a crowd
He started his acting career as an extra.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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